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Top Five YouTube Mcn Multi Channel Network To Join In 2018

Five Best YouTube Monetization Mcn (Multi Channnel Network) In 2018

YouTube is the world's second-fastest search engine, a video is uploaded every second on YouTube, do you know you can earn money from YouTube, but this is not easy if you are thinking of starting your YouTube channel. So first of all, you have to decide on which subject you are making your channel like fitness cooking or technology! Suppose your channel is cooking, you have to upload a video every day! There may be very few views on your video for 1 year! There is a whole lot of game views and watch time on YouTube, the more time your video will be watching, it will be much more likely to be trending

Second Thing You must have at least 4000 hours of watch time on your channel and 1000 subscribers to enable ads  monetization on YouTube!  After that they will review your channel content and performance, and in a month you will receive the message that congratulations your youtube channel has been monetize no you will make money on your videos.
If your YouTube channel has been not monetized by YouTube team or your  adsense account has been disabled for some reason then don't need to worry we have some great top 10 mcn (multi channel networks) which help you to grown your channel earning and promote your channel to get more subscribers.

Advantages of joining YouTube MCN
  • Gives the more presentation to your video
  • Encourages your recordings to get positioned at the highest point of the YouTube
  • Increment YouTube SEO score
  • Likewise empowers you to offer more sponsorship openings

Here is the list of top top 5 multi channel network:

  • FullScreen
  • Freedom
  • Media cube
  • Broadband TV
  • Makers studio (Disney digital network)

Full screen media company 

Fullscreen is the most massive community partnership owned through Otter media. It has a multi-platform monetization function which allow you to permit to get entry to your content not only on YouTube however additionally on different systems.

youtube multi channel network -mcn network for youtube monitization

Consistently it conveys a huge number of dollars to their makers, billions of video sees everywhere throughout the world, a huge number of dollars in membership and marketing and timetable more than 100 of live visits. It gives you a chance to coordinate you with world-class brands which help increment your income.

FullScreen media features:

  • Income shares: 70% or goes up to 80%.
  • Agreement Bonding and contract lock for 2 years.
  • High cpm rates videos up to 10 dollar  in comparison to other mcn networks.
  • Payment choice PayPal.
  • Minimum payout  100 dollars via PayPal.
  • Youtube certified mcn network
  • Extraordinarily tools Fullscreen Gorilla (this device permits the creators to take part in branded sponsorship from advertisers), facebook app device and epoxy account.
  • Dashboard: smooth to use & complete transparency.
  • Provide hundreds of songs and music library for free. 
  • Content identification yes.
  • Support and email  response is very good quickly via email I'd.

Fullscreen requirement in 2018 

This media Company follow only the YouTube policy and updates. They follow all the guidelines and terms and conditions. But with the YouTube new monitization policy updates in 2018 small creators can not join full screen network. New creators must have at least 4000 hours of watch time and 1000 subscribers in the last 12 months. Before join full screen upload more videos on your channel and workout on content to complete your watch time and subscribers.

Freedom media network

Freedom is a second largest YouTube Mcn networks since 2012 it helps to increase your YouTube subscribers network and increase your revenue  this MCN works on the same concept of full screen with no locking contract, you can leave the program whenever you want for any reason.

how to join freedom mcn network and requirement for youtube

This network is fast growing YouTube Partnership community to make cash helping you developing your business and associating you to connect to others creators and multiple ads media platforms to pumped up your YouTube channel.

The greatest thing about this network it will protect your video content and copyright issues and channel branding and help you to prevent copy of your videos.

Some features include--
  • Revenue share up to 60% and may goes up to 95 percent
  • After joining the network you must wait for at least 90 days to enable freedom monitization. There team check your activity and regularity up to 60 to 90 days before monetize your YouTube channel.
  • Free has changed there terms and condition because of the new YouTube updates new creates must have at least 4000 hours of watch time and one thousand subs. Moreover you can still join the program and see if they need any extra features to monetize your video content.
  • Cpm price- it relies on the quality of the video content and which topics you choose for your videos to upload. There Cpm rates are highers may vary between 7 to 10 dollar depends on your video material.
  • Your content is fully hold by the team and they keep an eye on your earnings.
  • Payout choice-- you can payout your money at anytime as little as only 1 dollar via PayPal money.
  • Team support is goods via email  answers your any quiries withing 24 hour of day.
  • Support all channel mostly beauty and fitness and gaming and fashion videos.
  • YouTube certified network
  • Dashboard easy to use support all the YouTube analytics and revenue earnings.
  • Content ID: track every one of the duplicates of your work on YouTube.

Requirements to become a partner with freedom Mcn network--
  • Your channel must at least 6 months old and you daily updates your channel with new videos.
  • They will watch your channel content and quality of your videos for 80 days before monitization enable on your account.
  • No minimum requirement for new channels anyone can join the program.
  • No copyright content and only original work is allowed.

Broadband TV 

Broadband is a Canadian based digital network TV founded in 2005 with aim to  help you to grow your channel and views they have wide brand network and media companies to get more revenue from best ads network.

broadband tv youtube mcn network-how to join this mcn network

Some feature of Broadband tv

  • High cpm on ads with top media brand up to 10 dollar to 6 dollar.
  • Revenue share 80 present for content creates and 20 percent for the bbtv.
  • Youtube certified mcn network
  • Easy to use dashboard with all youtube analytics and revenue and globals features.
  • Protect your content from copyright issues and copy of your videos.
  • Promote your channel to other network to get more views on your videos and gain subscribers.
  • Support all channel most media channel, fashion and gaming and tech channel.
  • Payment choice--PayPal transfer 50 dollar minimum and wire transfer to bank internationally.
  • Team response time is good reply your question and queries via email in 2 days.

Requirement to become a partner with bbtv

  • No minimum requirement to join you can join with 100 subscribers minimum and 1000 hours of watch time only.
  • No copyright content and scam videos.
  • Upload only your original works and content because every one like your own works.
  • Do not post same videos all the time and repeated video on YouTube.

Media Cube youtube mcn network

Media cube multimedia network is Canadian based company founded in 2015 with the aim to help content creators and provide services tech support on youtube channel platforms.

Media cube youtube mcn -multi channel network

Media cube team help to create great content and win-win partnership make the YouTube better. They monitize your content not only on YouTube they have partners with daily motion video to get the boost in your revenue from ads. On the other hand media cube partners get free access to the biggest libraries of music, footage, background, after effects  these tools help you make your content on a professional levels.

Some feature of Media cube
  • Revenue share up to 80 percent.
  • High cpm 7 dollar to 10 dollar and cpc rates up to 3 dollar.
  • No locking contract you can leave the agreement anytime without bonding in the contract.
  • Youtube certified partners yes.
  • Make your videos protect from copy so that no one make a copy of your video content.
  • Referrals program whenever anyone join by your reference I'd you will get paid of 15 percent income.
  • Amazing dashboard with great feature and almost support all language with easy to use show all revenue from ads.
  • Payment choice from PayPal, wire transfer and yandex and payoneer minimum 20$.
  • Support thousands of sound tracks.
How to become a Partner and requirement for joining network
  • Your content should be unique and original 
  • No copyright strike on channels and community strike and scam issues.
  • No youtube policy violation
  • Minimum 100 subscribers to join the network

Maker studio (Disney digital network)

Makers studio is part of Disney digital networks and formally knows as maker studio, its a American based media company founded in 2009 by ban Donovan and Danny zappi. Studio head quarters in California USA culvert City and had audience network in Asian and Brazil and USA and India with over 700 monthly unique views. In 2017 Disney take over the makers and named Disney digital network.

Makers studio youtube mcn network -how to join mcn makers studio

If you are running a animated channel or cartoon channel makers studio is the best to monetize your videos content with them. Moreover there team is professional and support your content and promote to get more views and boost in your ads revenue.

Some features include
  • High cpm and cpc rates in compare to other mcn networks
  • Youtube certified network yes
  • Payment threshold via PayPal wire transfer and check in us and Canada only.
  • One year agreement and lock in contract.
  • Revenue share 60 percent for creators and 40 percent for makers studio.
  • Dashboard with fully analytics and simple shows your all revenue from ads globally.
  • Support is good a professional team with quick response to queries.

How to became a partner with makers studio.
  • According the new YouTube policy requirement you must have at least 1000 subscriber and 4000 hours of watch time before apply monitization.
  • Support all channel but most of the revenue come from animated content and entertainment.
  • Lock in contract for one year
  • No copyright strike and unique animated content.

My final words---

These all are the MCN organize which gives basic highlights to a youtube maker. They assist their accomplices with growing on the Youtube stage. They offer remarkable benefit to their accomplice to secure their substance, increment income and extend their system everywhere throughout the world.

Survey: I have seen many YouTube videos and have perused such a significant number of sites. From this side, I can state that these systems are not appropriate for all makers. It doesn't make a difference if things are there. This can be the nature of your content, the quantity of dynamic clients.

Moreover I have found many negative and positive reviews against all mcn networks so its very difficult to judge which one better and which one is worst to join.

If you running a youtube channel then share your mcn network experience in the comment and give your suggestion to us.

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