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Best Digital Parenting Apps for Android Users

Parenting has never been unproblematic but the widespread adoption of mobile phones and internet has made it more challenging. Parents to the post millennial generation are required to protect their children from the pressures prevailing in the digital world. The social media and online world has encountered our children with several potential dangers such as cyber bullying, child predation, sexting, scamming and hacking.

The more kids remain online the more they are likely to become target of these vulnerabilities. Today, parents are not just obligated to provide their children with digital technologies but they are also responsible to protect their children from the menaces of these tools. Fortunately, there are a few applications that are particularly intended for parents to protect their children from the threats prevailing in the digital era.

 Digital parenting app for android users

We have rounded up here the best parenting applications that enable parents to supervise and control the mobile phone use of children. Once you install these apps on Android mobile phones of your kids, you can protect them from the cruelties of the adult world.

TheOneSpy Android Monitoring App

Digital parenting control app for mobile phone users

TheOneSpy is one of the finest moring and tracking apponit for Android mobile phones. It enables parents to supervise almost every activity performed on the targeted device. The app lets you access messages, contacts, call logs, emails, photos and videos of your children stored on their monitored cell phones. You can track the GPS location of your children and monitor their social media and online accounts. The spyware app lets you supervise the internet use of your children by getting access to their internet browsing history. Meanwhile, the Android spy app lets you monitor real-life activities of your kids by controlling the cameras and microphone of their mobile phones. The inexpensive monitoring app lets you supervise every activity of your kid performed on and around the monitored Android phone.

BlurSpy Child Monitoring Software.

BlurSpy is the monitoring and parental control tools that are intended for parents to supervise the activities of teenagers and tweens in the real and cyber world. It allows parents to monitor their kids’ messages, emails, photos, videos, voice recordings, internet use, surrounding sounds, social media activities, and Live screen recording. By monitoring the cell phone devices and computing device of kids, You can secretly keep an eye on your kids with blurSpy parental control software.

OgyMogy Android Spy App

OgyMogy is a cross-platform spy app that lets you track Android and iOS based mobile phones. It lets you track online and offline activities of your children to protect them from the threats of online harassment and child molestation. It lets you track your kids’ messages, phone calls, social media apps, GPS location, emails, keylogs and media files. Meanwhile, the app offers live surround monitoring and screen recording to capture activities performed on mobile phones and in the vicinity of monitored devices.

Norton Family Parental Control App

Norton is the famous antivirus and security program and also a parental control software application that enables parents to manage the internet use of teens and tweens. You can track the Android mobile phones of your kids by installing their devices with Norton Family. It blocks your kids’ access to objectionable and age inappropriate content and lets you know which websites and information they frequently look for on the internet.

MMGuardian Android Tracking App

MMGuardian is one of the most trusted mobile phone tracking apps intended for digital parenting. The tracking app allows spying on kids’ messages, phone calls, GPS location and internet use. You can read incoming and outgoing text messages of your children; see their call history containing the detail of callers and recipients; find their current location and track the internet browsing history of their mobile phones. The app also lets you block incoming messages and phone calls from unwanted numbers. Meanwhile, you can block kids’ access to objectionable websites and manage their mobile phone use by setting time limits for mobile phone and app use.

ESET Android Parental Control App

The parental monitoring software enables parents to manage the internet use of children by getting access to internet browsing history filtering websites. The app also let you set time limits for your kids’ mobile phone and apps use. It lets you approve and unapproved applications before installation.

Hope you would have found this list helpful in picking up the best digital parenting app for Android mobile phones. Keep visiting us for more app-related guidance.   

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