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How a new blogger can attract more site visitor to there blogs?

If you are new blogger and and struggle to get traffic to your website and blog,the reason is simple a new blog can take up to six months to get traffic start to your blog, Google like the blogs which have slow and steady traffic and boost there ranking slowly, there are lot of ways to get higher on ranking with the help on page seo and off page seo, both search engine optimization techniques help to get boost your ranking on Google.

how to generate traffic to your blog and blogger seo settings

On the other hand google index only web pages that have quality content and plagiarism free content, never copy the other website content it will negatively effect the ranking of your website and make your website with Google penalty or  decrease your website ranking in search engine. Moreover the main website traffic strategy is hidden in your content writing how well you write your content and which keywords you use for high ranking and tittle of the website post.

Now we will come to the main topic to how you can increase your blog traffic in 10 simple steps:

Domain name

Choose the unique domain name for your website because your domain name shows the website value and brand name of your blog, the reason is simple if you choose the unique domain name it will help google to understand your website and boost your ranking on search engine make sure you use best keyword and related topic domain name for example if you have health and fitness domain use keywords health, fitness and sports and exercise and if you have tech blog use technology and Internet blog keywords. It will tell search engine what is your blog is about. Whenever you purchase a domain use seo friendly keywords name in your domain which give best results.

Tittle of the post

Tittle is the most important thing for  any blog your tittle should be unique and consist of main keywords which describe what the tittle is about. Use h1 heading for the tittle and for content use h2 headings and h3 heading for best results in search like h1 heading word-press users use only h1 heading and bloggers users use h2 heading because blogger don't have the option to use h1 heading got post, this is the reason the best blogging platform to start blog is word press because of easy to go feature and best seo techniques to increase any website ranking.

Use relevant keyword for blog  posts:

I have seen lot of people done this mistake do not use relevant keywords in there posts and if your talk about seo post you must use relevant topics keywords and that people searching for and target short trail and long train keywords and with combination of  high and low competition keywords. Moreover do not use same keywords so many times in your posts and  do not use keywords stuffing for seo it will effect your blog ranking.

Submit your website to search engines:

When you started your new blog your first target is to submit your website to top search engine like Google yahoo and yandex and bing to get some traffic, well there lot of website submission website such as,, and are few which help to index your website in search engine my favorite is because it will submit your website 776 search engine and top directories.

Image optimization and seo

Most of the new blogger do not focus on images on blogs, even some are published there post without a image. Do you know search engines like Google bing are not like blogs who don't have any images with articles. Images are the back one of any websites they shows the topics and attract more visitors to your website, next time when you publish your article put some images and use  alt text and image tittle for search engine optimization of blogs.

Publish post on daily basis:

Google like blogs and website who publish article on daily basis and update there website regularly. If you post quality post and articles which are relevant to your website and if you choose good topics which are unique and different, it will definitely help your website to boost quality traffic and top  ranking on google.

Responsive blog themes:

The most important factor which theme you are using for your blog to generate traffic and whether your theme is simple and mobile friendly or not. Search engine like mobile friendly website and which are easy to operate on mobile phones like apple and android and i-pad so make sure you choose only responsive mobile seo theme so that your audience can easy to read your blog content on mobile phones and other devices.

Mobile accelerated pages:

When you visit a website and it will take more time to load on your mobile phone and got error or website not open the pages properly,this will results your website traffic is decrease because of slow loading blog pages,well not everyone is using high speed internet connection, most of the people in India have slow Internet connection, website which are using amp post are fast loading with slow connection and this help to increase the blog traffic. Use amp accelerated mobile pages to boost your website traffic with slow Internet connection and increase the website loading time under 5 seconds only.

Article with at least 1000-2000 words:

Most of the top levels of website blogs have article more than 1000 words with proper h1 and h2 and h3 heading and more content on there website. You must have at least 30 posts before submitting your website to index on search engine. Website with more content have 100 percent chance to index on Google and bing. Next time you have write any article for your blogs it must have 1500-2000 words with proper seo keywords and unique tittle for boost blog ranking.

Content is the king of blog:

For seo of blog whatever is your strategy to drive traffic on your blog, at last your content is the most important part of any website,because if the audience do not like your post and articles and leave your website it will effect the ranking of any blog. Focus on the your content writing skills or hire a content writer for your blog to write unique content on relevant topics for you.

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