Sunday, September 30, 2018

Godaddy vs Bigrock which one cheaper for domain and hosting?

Go-daddy is USA base and world largest Web hosting domain name provider and there headquarters in USA scottsdale arizona and the company is almost 21 year old and most trusted brand all over the world with 17 millions customers and over 6000 employees are working with go daddy.

Go-daddy provides the following services:

  • Domain registration 
  • Email hosting W
  • Web hosting 
  • WordPress hosting 
  • Digital and ssl certificate 
  • Website builder services
  • WordPress website 
  • Website search engine optimization services. 
  • Website search engine submission

bigrock vs go daddy domain which one is better

Godaddy is far more better than bigrock compare to plans with godaddy coupon code and new offer are available for every new registration and you can get cheap domain name, WordPress and Linux hosting for only 600 rs per month go daddy. But keep mind plans are are applicable by cities and country.on the other hand there customer service is good in comparison  of bigrock which have only services in India. Whenever your website is down there team is so helpful in problem solving with your domain name and hosting and errors and any queries you have with domain. 

Big rock is an Indian brand with domain registration and Web hosting  provider in India and internationally, the company not big as godaddy and number of employees are less than godaddy and and in India bigrock is a top domain and hosting provider big rock rates are more cheaper than compare to godaddy you can get your website domain name with only 500 Indian rs but for hosting you need to purchase 1 month, 3 months 6 months hosting and 1 year hosting plans. Rates of hosting 10-15$ a month for WordPress hosting, Windows and Linux hosting and if you are new to bigrock you will get discount on both 
domain and one month hosting plans.

Big rock provide the same services as go daddy.

  • Domain name registration
  • Site lock certificates
  • Emails hosting
  • WordPress hosting
  •  WordPress websites
  • 3-Commerce solution websites
  • Website builder
  •  Search engine seo services

Moreover both the companies are Icann accredited and (Internet corporation of assigned names and numbers) the only difference between both godaddy is USA based worldwide domain name provider on the other hand bigrock focus on small businesses and professional and individuals. 

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