Friday, August 24, 2018

How to submit your website to yandex Russian search engine using webmaster tool

How to Submit your website to yandex:

Yandex is the largest search engine in Russia after Google and has 62 percent share.

submit your website to yandex search engine using webmaster tool and steps to submit your site to yandex

Steps to submit your site to yandex Russian search engine:

Sign up for yandex search engine:

To index your website to yandex search engine you need to sign up on the website in English and then you need to add your website to yandex with,non www website after adding your website to yandex you need to verify your website with copy the meta tag code  or html code, txt code and paste it on the root folder of the domain name or <head> of the website.

Once you paste the code on your domain root folder. You have to click the check option on yandex that your website has been verify or not once you verify your website it will be added to yandex search engine in 7 days.

Set the site region:

You must set the region of your website where your site belong to which country. After you set the region it will help to understand your website traffic and help. Your website to get better ranking in search engine.

Submit your website Sitemap to yandex:

You can tell search engine about your post and pages by submitting your website Sitemap files to yandex Sitemap file add section of yandex webmaster.

For submitting your Sitemap file for example:

Post submission Sitemap  this Sitemap crawl your all website posts.

Page submission Sitemap this Sitemap help googlebot to crawl your websites pages.

Set robots txt file for yandex:

See your robots txt file for website, just type it will open your robots txt. File-

User-agent :  *
Disallow:  /search
Allow:  /


Check the robots files to make sure your websites pages and post are not blocked by search engines and robots.

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