Tuesday, August 7, 2018

How to submit blogger sitemap (blog) to Google search console and index your site

What is sitemap:

Sitemap will inform the search engine that your website posts content and pages are ready. Search engine like Googlebot crawl your website and your content index in search engine within 4 to 6weeks.
Please keep in mind your content should be original and written by you don't copy others content and copyright content otherwise your website might not index in search engine.

Also if your website is small Googlebot automatically crawl your website on the other hand if your website is big and you have around 200 posts and 10 pages then you must submit a sitemap so that google search engine can understand your website properly.

Sitemap is a important factor for every website whether you are running small website and or  big website you just need an XML simple blogger or WordPress sitemap to submit.

How to submit your blogger sitemap to Google search console:

How to submit a website Sitemap and blogger Sitemap to Google search console

To submit your sitemap to google is very easy these days just type with your URL like for example - - www.supportfromvikas.com/sitemap.XML, after submit first check the test results by typing your URL www.example.com/sitemap.XML and see the test results you will see the message your sitemap is ok no error deducted. Now submits your URL to sitemap to google after that it will take 24 hour to 48 hour to processed your sitemap. For indexing it will vary on your website quality and content may take up to 4 days and 60 days.

To Submit sitemap to Google search console follow these steps:

How to submit WordPress blog and websites Sitemap to Google yahoo and yanfex and bing

  • Select the site URL in the google search console. 
  • Click crawl on console
  • Click the sitemap option
  • Click add/test sitemap
  • In the text box next to your domain for example http://forexample.com/sitemap.xml
  • Now click the submit button your sitemap has been submitted.
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