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How to seo your websites with simple tricks to get top on search engines

How to improve  seo ranking of website in search engine and types of (seo) search engine optimization with off page and on page seo:

How to seo your website and blogs with simple trick and search engine optimization of blog and images and how to get backlink for websites

  • On page seo search engine optimization
  • Off page search engine optimization.

What is on page seo and how it help your website to get top on search engines.

Internal backlink:Getting your website on top of Google make internal backlink on your website connect your every post and content on your website.

Keywords: use main keywords in the beginning of the tittle and use keywords only which people are searching for if you write a post without main keywords your post does not get enough traffic to show good results.

Post Tittle:optimize your post with H1 H2 H3 heading and use the main keyword in the beginning of the tittle with H1 heading and keep your tittle note more than 60 character, it will help to optimize your post on search engines.

Robots.txt checker: they are automatic robots to tell search engine which post has to index in search engine like Google bing yandex, yahoo,which post you don't want to index in search engine.
You can check your robots.txt file by entering your url like this (www.forexample.com/robots.txt) it will show your blog robots.txt file which is look like this--

User-agent :  *
Disallow:   /search
Allow:   /


Custom headers tag are the most important part of any blog you must set the headers tags correctly on order to get traffic to your website and blogs.

There are three main custom robots headers tags you must use for blogger search engine optimization.

  • All
  • No index
  • Noodp

how to use custom headers robots tags option in blogger for search engine optimization

All--if you click all on blogger  or set this tag for website, it means you have allow to index all contents of your websites. And Google bot crawler can easily crawl your website content without any difficulty.

No index--every website is not for indexing purpose even if you not submit the Sitemap to Google,still are chances that Google will crawl the URL automatically, so you can tell the search engine which pages and posts you don't want to index. It's work like robots prevent your website to index on search engines.

Noodp sometimes Google can collect information from open directories and websites like dmoz and blogger directories. You can can tell Google bot not to collect information from these directories and websites. You can turn it off this option on blogger.

Blog image optimization- use descriptive tittle for your images using the targeted keywords. Amd write good image alt text short description with the main keyword for the images and post to increase traffic on your blog.

No follow- Tell search engines not to follow these certain links for your website like broken links and css files and blog pages error.

Custom permalink-you can rewrite your blog post url with custom urls it will help search engine to understand your post and also optimize your post for indexing in Google search engine.

Blog Load Time-open you blog and check your website speed load time it must be under 5 seconds to get good traffic to your website.

Website SSL lock - use https setting for your blog to get the sign of security and trust of your visitors that your blog is virus and. Spam free you are not share any information of your visitors. There password identity and information  are secure.

What is off page seo how it's help your website to get top on Google search engines.

Off page seo means setting the seo of website outside the Website boundaries  like submitting your website to search engines and social website like Facebook and forums and social Media marketing. Off page seo are very helpful for any website with good fresh and new content. Like if people read your posts they like and share your content and bookmarks it.

Key points for off page search engine optimization:

Write great content and articles it will automatically share by people and and give a boost to your website.

BackLink Building is a good strategy for seo of any website it help your website to good ranking in search results. Backlinks are like backbone of any website use as indication for search engines that your content is linked to quality content. So a website and blog which have more Backlinks have automatically get higher ranking in search results. Also avoid spam link building sites for example backlink maker and real  back link generator, backlink pinging tools, pingler and ping my url etc.

Sitemap submit your website Sitemap to Google search console and Bing and Russian Searxh engine Yandex and Chinese search engine Baidhu to get your website index in search engines. And shows the all error on your website broken link.

Social Bookmarking not all no follow links are same some are good for example submit your website to Facebook and Instagram and Reddit, MySpace and Twitter and Pinterest and and some good blog directories when you submit your website to these you will see the power of social sites with no follow link.

Guest blogging is also a very good way to promote your website on other sites and  get natural backlinks until you don't miss use the features. And don't over do this thing if Google find your links are not natural your website ranking may effect.

Use Google trends option to find the relevant topics content for your and the min keywords which people are searching for the past one year.

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