Friday, August 24, 2018

How to pinging your website-to index in Google search engines & blogging directories

There are lot of website which help to ping your websites like Google ping service and pingomatic and pinger and and smallseotools and pingmylink are such website which help you to index your website to search engine.

ping your url to google and yahoo and and other directories and search engines

What is pinging.

Website ping is works like robots and it will help you index your website quickly in search engines and directories and it will give message to search engine that your website is updated with new post and pages. Also keep in mind that you shouldn't do over ping you website again and again if you over ping you website search engine consider your website as spam and effect uiut ranking in search engine.

Top 5 (2018 website) to ping your website:

Pingomatic: this website help your website to index your website in short period of time. It give various updates to search engines that your website and blogs  is fully updated with new content.

Pingler:this website is a free service from pingler and it will help. To index your pages fast in Google search and other directories like yandex and dmoz and also offers premium services for 2.5$ dollars which help ping your pages on daily basis.

Google ping: this website help your blog to ping to Google blog search and other blog directories it works for new website creators  xml rpc signal sent to help them index there website on Google blog search.

Total ping:this website help to index with national and international sites and signal  search engine that your blog is updated it help you index you blog faster and increase traffic to your blog.

Domain pingler: this website ping your domain to 2450 different websites and blogs which are mainly the accepts free listing and who is and website statistics and about us and info, and business listing and blog directories.

Note do not ping your website using all the tools choose one tool to pinging your websites and blogs and don't pinging over and over. otherwise it will effects on your website ranking.

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