Friday, August 24, 2018

Google launch website audit seo tools Lighthouse to increase your Adsense earnings

Google launch website audit seo tools Lighthouse to increase your Adsense earnings:

Website seo is the most important part for any new website you have make, everyone wants his website to rank high in search engines. All the things are hidden in your website content and pages of your websites. If your content is reliable and spam free and your own original content not copy by others and you giving some different things to people, definitely your website rank high in search engine.

Google lighthouse website seo audit  tools for blogger and website owners

On the other hand most important part is your use relevant keywords that are matched with your content and tittle of your posts and pages. Moreover don't use spam keywords on your websites with untargeted keywords which are not relevant to your website. If you do that your website ranking may effect and Google consider your website as a spam.

Now we will come to the main point of the topic is that any software which can help to increase your website traffic and shows your website errors you need to fix.

Lighthouse website audit seo tools:

Google launched his lightning House website seo software to help you to fix errors with your pages.

You can download the lighthouse website  auditing tool software on Google chrome dovelopet tools chrome extension. 

Lighthouse is a open source auditing seo  tool to improve the quality of websites. The software is designed in a way for publishers, it can be operated by anyone by professionals and beginners.also it help them to correct your http response code errors and rel=canonical and website page tittles and description and 301 redirect check and more.

How to run the lighthouse website auditing tool.

  • Go to chrome extension developer tools
  • Click the lighthouse extension audit tool which you downloaded for your website.
  • Now click the audit tool in chrome extension and click perform and audit and click seo checkbox. 
  • It will automatically generate seo reports, tips and errors in pages and tittle and seo score of website. 

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