Saturday, July 21, 2018

Kenko New Mirage 16x50 Binocular (Bak-4) lenses best budget binocular for bird watching

Kenko New Mirage 16x50 Binocular is entry level binocular for natures and adventure watching. kenko is japan based company has great binoculars for profession use and for bird watching and anyone who is looking for best budget binocular to buy with just price of 5000 with porro prism bak-4 lenses(16x50) magnification and with magenta coating with stable optical construction and large focus ring.

Kenko mirage binocular with bak 4 lenses and porro prism and eye relief of 3.1mm

keno binocular all are available with bak 4 lenses and prism type is poro for example below:

  • kenko 7x50 binocular with magnification 7x
  • kenko 10x50 wide binocular magnification 10x
  • kenko 12x50 wide binocular with 12x magnification 
  • kenko 16x50 binocular best in the range and distance with 16x magnification

kenko 16x50 binocular has good quality lenses which uses bak4 lenses for clear feild of view with objective diameter of 50mm with eye relief feature of 3.1mm eye relief with16x magnification and exil pupil is 3.1mm and no water proof feature, only with magenta coating in lenses with close focus distance of 10.7mm with brightness of 9.7,and size and dimension of (keno16x50) is 167x65x198mm with weight of 820gm only.

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