Sunday, July 15, 2018

How to recovered or get back terminated and suspended YouTube account

Recovered your suspended and terminated youtube account in one month.

YouTube channel has been suspended for three community guidelines and copyright strikes both are the reason for the termination of the YouTube channel. On the other hand other terminated reason making videos to traffic away from YouTube, as everyone knows YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google and yahoo and every minutes videos are uploaded on YouTube some videos are good and some are copyright and some are restricted based on community guidelines.

How to recovered your terminated youtube channel

So always make sure your videos are clear and your own videos that made by you,it is better to make videos on things that you know like fitness education and technical things and trending topics that people are searching for. Now the question is how to get back suspended YouTube account. Well this question has many answer first one you can appeal to YouTube team and type a message like-
my YouTube channel has been suspended for no reason due to wrong flagged by people can you please check my channel if people have wrongly flagged my videos because I have always follow the copyright and community guidelines and make videos always comply with these guidelines. Please check my channel details so that I can continue with my 1 year hardworking also if I have any videos that not comply with copyright or community guidelines I have agree to delete that videos.
Thank you
YouTube team
Your name Vikas yadav
Your YouTube channel  Id and details and email must.

Well these details are just for education purpose lot of YouTube channel are suspended on daily basis and not all channel appeal are recovered and channels are back you can just appeal again after six months of termination of YouTube channel. 

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