Wednesday, July 18, 2018

How to ranking YouTube videos & seo to make them on top of search engines

YouTube is the world second largest search engine after Google, yahoo and bing search engines. Now the question is how to seo YouTube videos to get in YouTube search results on first and second page, if you ask me really it will all in tittle of YouTube which video tittle you are using which keywords you are using for seo YouTube videos.

How to seo YouTube with tittle and tags and how to write page description for seo

Also always do some research before making videos, if people are not searching videos you are making it means there are not the fresh topics and trending topics that people are searching for.

Once you understand what people are searching for it will be easy for you to get top on search results on YouTube or Google seo your YouTube videos.

There are easy ways to seo your YouTube videos.

  • Use the keyword in the beginning of the video tittle. 
  • Don't forget to write full page description about the type of  video you are uploading.
  • Always do some research before making tittle and publishing videos. 
  • Use Google trends to search for latest trending topics. 
  • Use Google ad words for best low medium and high keyword for best results. 
  • Make great thumbnail for your videos because unique thumbnails attract subscribers newbie's viewers on youtube. 
  • Use endscreen button option to engage with your audience and subscribes and your other YouTube videos that you have recently new uplaod it. 
  • Upload videos on daily basis or make a time setup or decide a day and time for videos to upload because your subscribers are eagerly to get some hot topics from you. 
  • Always schedule time for your videos to post that decide on Sunday or Saturday whichever day is suit for you. 
  • Make sure you have proper lightning effects so that and clear video effects. 
  • Your voice should be slow and so that your subscribers understand what your trying to say them in your video and topics. 
  • Use voice editor software to clear your voice and back noise and sounds so that your video look professional not cheapy sound effects. 

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