Tuesday, July 24, 2018

How to add https and enable ssl certficate lock on websites and blogs

To enable https on website and bloggers just go to blogger setting there you will get the option of https enable button, it means visitors to Your site are secure and your website is virus and spam free. Enable the both the option by clicking yes option https and https redirect to http to https and don't forget the change the setting of theme into https.
How to add https lock and ssl lock to your websites and blogs

How you can change the setting of http into https on blogger theme, just click cntrl+f you will get the block option then type http there you will see all the http are highlighted on theme setting, just change http address into https everywhere on theme setting of blogger. Now save the theme and open your websites it's working or not you have all done.

Steps to to add site lock to your blog:

Go to your blogger setting page you will see the option basic setting here you need to change the address into https.

  • Click https availability yes button to change your url into site lock then its look like https://.www.domainxyz.com
  • Now wait for ten to fifteen minutes to apply the site lock setting to blogger.
  • Now check and open your page its working or not.its done all you are ready to go with https site lock to increase your visitors traffic.
  • Go to the theme setting option see the http:// errors on your website.
  • Just change all the http:// into https:// urls then http:// error will go away automatically.
  • Now save the theme option.

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