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Best Digital Parenting Apps for Android Users

Parenting has never been unproblematic but the widespread adoption of mobile phones and internet has made it more challenging. Parents to the post millennial generation are required to protect their children from the pressures prevailing in the digital world. The social media and online world has encountered our children with several potential dangers such as cyber bullying, child predation, sexting, scamming and hacking.

The more kids remain online the more they are likely to become target of these vulnerabilities. Today, parents are not just obligated to provide their children with digital technologies but they are also responsible to protect their children from the menaces of these tools. Fortunately, there are a few applications that are particularly intended for parents to protect their children from the threats prevailing in the digital era.

 Digital parenting app for android users

We have rounded up here the best parenting applications that enable parents to supervise and control the mobile phone use of children. Once you install these apps on Android mobile phones of your kids, you can protect them from the cruelties of the adult world.

TheOneSpy Android Monitoring App

Digital parenting control app for mobile phone users

TheOneSpy is one of the finest moring and tracking apponit for Android mobile phones. It enables parents to supervise almost every activity performed on the targeted device. The app lets you access messages, contacts, call logs, emails, photos and videos of your children stored on their monitored cell phones. You can track the GPS location of your children and monitor their social media and online accounts. The spyware app lets you supervise the internet use of your children by getting access to their internet browsing history. Meanwhile, the Android spy app lets you monitor real-life activities of your kids by controlling the cameras and microphone of their mobile phones. The inexpensive monitoring app lets you supervise every activity of your kid performed on and around the monitored Android phone.

BlurSpy Child Monitoring Software.

BlurSpy is the monitoring and parental control tools that are intended for parents to supervise the activities of teenagers and tweens in the real and cyber world. It allows parents to monitor their kids’ messages, emails, photos, videos, voice recordings, internet use, surrounding sounds, social media activities, and Live screen recording. By monitoring the cell phone devices and computing device of kids, You can secretly keep an eye on your kids with blurSpy parental control software.

OgyMogy Android Spy App

OgyMogy is a cross-platform spy app that lets you track Android and iOS based mobile phones. It lets you track online and offline activities of your children to protect them from the threats of online harassment and child molestation. It lets you track your kids’ messages, phone calls, social media apps, GPS location, emails, keylogs and media files. Meanwhile, the app offers live surround monitoring and screen recording to capture activities performed on mobile phones and in the vicinity of monitored devices.

Norton Family Parental Control App

Norton is the famous antivirus and security program and also a parental control software application that enables parents to manage the internet use of teens and tweens. You can track the Android mobile phones of your kids by installing their devices with Norton Family. It blocks your kids’ access to objectionable and age inappropriate content and lets you know which websites and information they frequently look for on the internet.

MMGuardian Android Tracking App

MMGuardian is one of the most trusted mobile phone tracking apps intended for digital parenting. The tracking app allows spying on kids’ messages, phone calls, GPS location and internet use. You can read incoming and outgoing text messages of your children; see their call history containing the detail of callers and recipients; find their current location and track the internet browsing history of their mobile phones. The app also lets you block incoming messages and phone calls from unwanted numbers. Meanwhile, you can block kids’ access to objectionable websites and manage their mobile phone use by setting time limits for mobile phone and app use.

ESET Android Parental Control App

The parental monitoring software enables parents to manage the internet use of children by getting access to internet browsing history filtering websites. The app also let you set time limits for your kids’ mobile phone and apps use. It lets you approve and unapproved applications before installation.

Hope you would have found this list helpful in picking up the best digital parenting app for Android mobile phones. Keep visiting us for more app-related guidance.   

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Top Five YouTube Mcn Multi Channel Network To Join In 2018

Five Best YouTube Monetization Mcn (Multi Channnel Network) In 2018

YouTube is the world's second-fastest search engine, a video is uploaded every second on YouTube, do you know you can earn money from YouTube, but this is not easy if you are thinking of starting your YouTube channel. So first of all, you have to decide on which subject you are making your channel like fitness cooking or technology! Suppose your channel is cooking, you have to upload a video every day! There may be very few views on your video for 1 year! There is a whole lot of game views and watch time on YouTube, the more time your video will be watching, it will be much more likely to be trending

Second Thing You must have at least 4000 hours of watch time on your channel and 1000 subscribers to enable ads  monetization on YouTube!  After that they will review your channel content and performance, and in a month you will receive the message that congratulations your youtube channel has been monetize no you will make money on your videos.
If your YouTube channel has been not monetized by YouTube team or your  adsense account has been disabled for some reason then don't need to worry we have some great top 10 mcn (multi channel networks) which help you to grown your channel earning and promote your channel to get more subscribers.

Advantages of joining YouTube MCN
  • Gives the more presentation to your video
  • Encourages your recordings to get positioned at the highest point of the YouTube
  • Increment YouTube SEO score
  • Likewise empowers you to offer more sponsorship openings

Here is the list of top top 5 multi channel network:

  • FullScreen
  • Freedom
  • Media cube
  • Broadband TV
  • Makers studio (Disney digital network)

Full screen media company 

Fullscreen is the most massive community partnership owned through Otter media. It has a multi-platform monetization function which allow you to permit to get entry to your content not only on YouTube however additionally on different systems.

youtube multi channel network -mcn network for youtube monitization

Consistently it conveys a huge number of dollars to their makers, billions of video sees everywhere throughout the world, a huge number of dollars in membership and marketing and timetable more than 100 of live visits. It gives you a chance to coordinate you with world-class brands which help increment your income.

FullScreen media features:

  • Income shares: 70% or goes up to 80%.
  • Agreement Bonding and contract lock for 2 years.
  • High cpm rates videos up to 10 dollar  in comparison to other mcn networks.
  • Payment choice PayPal.
  • Minimum payout  100 dollars via PayPal.
  • Youtube certified mcn network
  • Extraordinarily tools Fullscreen Gorilla (this device permits the creators to take part in branded sponsorship from advertisers), facebook app device and epoxy account.
  • Dashboard: smooth to use & complete transparency.
  • Provide hundreds of songs and music library for free. 
  • Content identification yes.
  • Support and email  response is very good quickly via email I'd.

Fullscreen requirement in 2018 

This media Company follow only the YouTube policy and updates. They follow all the guidelines and terms and conditions. But with the YouTube new monitization policy updates in 2018 small creators can not join full screen network. New creators must have at least 4000 hours of watch time and 1000 subscribers in the last 12 months. Before join full screen upload more videos on your channel and workout on content to complete your watch time and subscribers.

Freedom media network

Freedom is a second largest YouTube Mcn networks since 2012 it helps to increase your YouTube subscribers network and increase your revenue  this MCN works on the same concept of full screen with no locking contract, you can leave the program whenever you want for any reason.

how to join freedom mcn network and requirement for youtube

This network is fast growing YouTube Partnership community to make cash helping you developing your business and associating you to connect to others creators and multiple ads media platforms to pumped up your YouTube channel.

The greatest thing about this network it will protect your video content and copyright issues and channel branding and help you to prevent copy of your videos.

Some features include--
  • Revenue share up to 60% and may goes up to 95 percent
  • After joining the network you must wait for at least 90 days to enable freedom monitization. There team check your activity and regularity up to 60 to 90 days before monetize your YouTube channel.
  • Free has changed there terms and condition because of the new YouTube updates new creates must have at least 4000 hours of watch time and one thousand subs. Moreover you can still join the program and see if they need any extra features to monetize your video content.
  • Cpm price- it relies on the quality of the video content and which topics you choose for your videos to upload. There Cpm rates are highers may vary between 7 to 10 dollar depends on your video material.
  • Your content is fully hold by the team and they keep an eye on your earnings.
  • Payout choice-- you can payout your money at anytime as little as only 1 dollar via PayPal money.
  • Team support is goods via email  answers your any quiries withing 24 hour of day.
  • Support all channel mostly beauty and fitness and gaming and fashion videos.
  • YouTube certified network
  • Dashboard easy to use support all the YouTube analytics and revenue earnings.
  • Content ID: track every one of the duplicates of your work on YouTube.

Requirements to become a partner with freedom Mcn network--
  • Your channel must at least 6 months old and you daily updates your channel with new videos.
  • They will watch your channel content and quality of your videos for 80 days before monitization enable on your account.
  • No minimum requirement for new channels anyone can join the program.
  • No copyright content and only original work is allowed.

Broadband TV 

Broadband is a Canadian based digital network TV founded in 2005 with aim to  help you to grow your channel and views they have wide brand network and media companies to get more revenue from best ads network.

broadband tv youtube mcn network-how to join this mcn network

Some feature of Broadband tv

  • High cpm on ads with top media brand up to 10 dollar to 6 dollar.
  • Revenue share 80 present for content creates and 20 percent for the bbtv.
  • Youtube certified mcn network
  • Easy to use dashboard with all youtube analytics and revenue and globals features.
  • Protect your content from copyright issues and copy of your videos.
  • Promote your channel to other network to get more views on your videos and gain subscribers.
  • Support all channel most media channel, fashion and gaming and tech channel.
  • Payment choice--PayPal transfer 50 dollar minimum and wire transfer to bank internationally.
  • Team response time is good reply your question and queries via email in 2 days.

Requirement to become a partner with bbtv

  • No minimum requirement to join you can join with 100 subscribers minimum and 1000 hours of watch time only.
  • No copyright content and scam videos.
  • Upload only your original works and content because every one like your own works.
  • Do not post same videos all the time and repeated video on YouTube.

Media Cube youtube mcn network

Media cube multimedia network is Canadian based company founded in 2015 with the aim to help content creators and provide services tech support on youtube channel platforms.

Media cube youtube mcn -multi channel network

Media cube team help to create great content and win-win partnership make the YouTube better. They monitize your content not only on YouTube they have partners with daily motion video to get the boost in your revenue from ads. On the other hand media cube partners get free access to the biggest libraries of music, footage, background, after effects  these tools help you make your content on a professional levels.

Some feature of Media cube
  • Revenue share up to 80 percent.
  • High cpm 7 dollar to 10 dollar and cpc rates up to 3 dollar.
  • No locking contract you can leave the agreement anytime without bonding in the contract.
  • Youtube certified partners yes.
  • Make your videos protect from copy so that no one make a copy of your video content.
  • Referrals program whenever anyone join by your reference I'd you will get paid of 15 percent income.
  • Amazing dashboard with great feature and almost support all language with easy to use show all revenue from ads.
  • Payment choice from PayPal, wire transfer and yandex and payoneer minimum 20$.
  • Support thousands of sound tracks.
How to become a Partner and requirement for joining network
  • Your content should be unique and original 
  • No copyright strike on channels and community strike and scam issues.
  • No youtube policy violation
  • Minimum 100 subscribers to join the network

Maker studio (Disney digital network)

Makers studio is part of Disney digital networks and formally knows as maker studio, its a American based media company founded in 2009 by ban Donovan and Danny zappi. Studio head quarters in California USA culvert City and had audience network in Asian and Brazil and USA and India with over 700 monthly unique views. In 2017 Disney take over the makers and named Disney digital network.

Makers studio youtube mcn network -how to join mcn makers studio

If you are running a animated channel or cartoon channel makers studio is the best to monetize your videos content with them. Moreover there team is professional and support your content and promote to get more views and boost in your ads revenue.

Some features include
  • High cpm and cpc rates in compare to other mcn networks
  • Youtube certified network yes
  • Payment threshold via PayPal wire transfer and check in us and Canada only.
  • One year agreement and lock in contract.
  • Revenue share 60 percent for creators and 40 percent for makers studio.
  • Dashboard with fully analytics and simple shows your all revenue from ads globally.
  • Support is good a professional team with quick response to queries.

How to became a partner with makers studio.
  • According the new YouTube policy requirement you must have at least 1000 subscriber and 4000 hours of watch time before apply monitization.
  • Support all channel but most of the revenue come from animated content and entertainment.
  • Lock in contract for one year
  • No copyright strike and unique animated content.

My final words---

These all are the MCN organize which gives basic highlights to a youtube maker. They assist their accomplices with growing on the Youtube stage. They offer remarkable benefit to their accomplice to secure their substance, increment income and extend their system everywhere throughout the world.

Survey: I have seen many YouTube videos and have perused such a significant number of sites. From this side, I can state that these systems are not appropriate for all makers. It doesn't make a difference if things are there. This can be the nature of your content, the quantity of dynamic clients.

Moreover I have found many negative and positive reviews against all mcn networks so its very difficult to judge which one better and which one is worst to join.

If you running a youtube channel then share your mcn network experience in the comment and give your suggestion to us.

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Make online credit and rewards with Google opinion surveys app for solving surveys

Google has launch his new app called Google opinion survey. This app can give you rewards credits point and you can earn free online money for solving and answer the survey can earn up to. 50 dollar to 5 dollar each day for just answering the surveys.

google opinion survey rewards point app to earn money online with app

List of Some popular Google surveys:

  • Local surveys in your area
  • Earn reawards 
  • Redeem rewards 
  • Answer surveys
  • Apps and elegibility in which country this app is available. 

The Google Opinion Rewards app is currently available for download in the following countries:

  1. Australia
  2. Austria
  3. Brazil
  4. Canada
  5. Denmark
  6. France
  7. Germany
  8. India
  9. Italy
  10. Japan
  11. Mexico
  12. Netherlands
  13. Norway
  14. Singapore
  15. Spain
  16. Sweden
  17. Switzerland
  18. Turkey
  19. United Kingdom
  20. United States
How to download the Google opinion rewards app in mobile phone. ?

Go to your play store and type Google opinion rewards app. 

You will see the Google app on first page just click and download the Google survey app. 

The app will be install in 5 minutes and automatically login you with your Google account if you already login with your Google account. 

After that you will have to solve the simple survey questionare with option in your question and just read the question carefully and answer the survey with your own opinion. 

Make sure you have positively answer all the surveys do not spam with surveys ready surveys carefully and answer it. 

I hope you like the article happy earning with Google and follow us for article like this. 

How to get free website hosting and free domain name for lifetime?

Anyone can purchase a domain from go daddy and big rock and name cheap, these are the top most website to buy domain and hosting plans, if you want to buy dot com domain name then it's not a free domain you must pay at least 10 dollar for domain. Now the question put in your mind how to purchase the free domain and hosting plans for your websites.

Freenom and enom is the only website who give you free and paid  domain name. And for free hosting plans you need to visit  and this is the only 2 website here you get free hosting for lifetime. Freenom can give you free domain name s, you can buy free domains name like .ga, .tk, .ml, .cf, from the only condition all free domain are expire in one year and you must renew your domain name every year for free of cost or if you want you can covert it in or dot com domain name.

How to get free domain name and hosting for lifetime free hosting plans for lifetime. Some features of free infinity hosting fastest hosting,99. 9% up time for websites,completely free domain no forced ads and host up to 25 domain names.

Steps to get free hosting with 

Open the infinity website and click the sign up button and enter your email address and password and solve the captcha and click the sign up button. Then you will get the confirmation mail to your email account just open the confirmation mail and account has verified now to start up.

After that you have open the page of create account then Enter your website address and check the domain is available or not or enter your own domain name with dot com to start up with infinity.

After you enter your website address you will see the message that you need to change the name server just go the domain provider like godaddy or name cheap and change your name server of your website.

Now you have create your hosting account just login to the control panel and go to file manager delete default files of the websites or you can have option start with your own WordPress website just go to start with option start your website and write post and enjoy the free hosting service and make sure do not paste the ads on website its not allow to paste ads with infinity website and before start please read the faq and terms and condition of free website hosting.


Second option you can get a free hosting for lifetime with and with no annoying ads on website and and unlimited hosting and usage and and your site never down runs 24 hours a day. Moreover you can add your WordPress websites and blogs and use there site builder to make free websites. On the other hand with free website you roughly get 30000 daily visitors with php website and html based websites.
And for domain you must purchase top level domain from it will cost you only 5 dollars for your own domain name.
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Top killer seo tools in 2018 for websites?

Search engine optimization guidelines For novices – 15 approaches to Google increase Your internet site:

As a beginner to seo (search engine optimization) you want to keep in mind that there may be no magic way to rank your website inside the first web page of Google, Bing or Yahoo.
Engines like google are governed by using complex algorithms and it takes loads of time and effort to convince’ them that your website or net page merits one of the top spots.

Though, there are positive regulations you may comply with to optimize your internet site and offer the search engine bots with the essential alerts.

While the web is floated with seo pointers and advice, maximum of the articles speak approximately seo in a theoretical degree and not how seo can be applied in exercise.

In my opinion, this is why maximum website owners are harassed and either they give up with seo or sincerely do not get the predicted outcomes.
What you'll examine on this put up is search engine optimization advice that works. I've examined this strategy over the years on a number of web sites with tremendous outcomes.

Top seo tools for website to get on google first page

Here's a brief summary of the maximum important search engine optimization guidelines:

  • Optimize your web page titles and meta descriptions
  • Create seo pleasant URLS
  • Upload a breadcrumb menu in your internal pages
  • Add inner links on your content material
  • Use headings and formatting alternatives to make your pages less complicated to study
  • Personalize your 404 web page
  • Optimize your pictures
  • Enhance your page velocity
  • Get back links from other websites
  • Make certain that your internet site is mobile friendly
  • Create an XML sitemap and a person sitemap
  • Enhance the satisfactory of your content
  • Replace your website with clean content
  • Check for broken hyperlinks
  • Use Google webmaster tools and analytics

Web page tittle :

A completely essential factor of seo and this is why it's far the primary item on my listing.My findings the closing couple of months showed that web page titles are more important than ever in particular for Google seo.

The most vital traits of an optimized web page title are:

  • Each page needs to have a completely unique web page identify that as it should be describes the page’s content.
  • Be short and descriptive.
  • Assist the user understand what the web page is about

Home page name: 

The name on your homepage can consist of the call of your internet site/commercial enterprise and different bits of essential information just like the bodily region of your enterprise or maybe some of its principal focuses or services.
  • For instance: our internet sites 
  • Submit/different pages names:
  • The titles of other posts/pages of your website need to correctly describe what the page is ready and be attractive to the searcher.

Meta Tag Description:

The page description meta tag is likewise very critical. It offers users, Google and other search engines like google a precis of what the page is set.Google may choose to reveal what you kind inside the description as a snippet in your page or may also decide to use part of your page’s content material.
In different words, it does now not mean that what you write inside the description will display inside the snippet.

The hints for writing an awesome meta description are:

  • Continually provide a completely unique description for all pages, put up, products of your website.
  • Hold the size between 140-one hundred fifty characters.
  • Avoid repeating the title in the description
  • Don’t add too many keywords
  • Try and use the outline as a manner to ‘promote it’ your web page to the reader in order that they click on to your title and visit the web page.
  • You can see the instance beneath on how i use the outline tag on my seo course web page.

Permanent hyperlink structure:

The everlasting link structure is a term used to explain the layout of URLS for pages (classes/tags) or individual posts of a web web site.
It's miles shown in the browser deal with bar and inside the seek outcomes (underneath the page name).

Guideline for seo friendly urls:
  • Make Urls easy and easy to recognize for search engines and customers
  • Use hyphens ‘ – ‘ to separate the phrases that make up a url
  • Keep away from prolonged Urls with unnecessary data
  • Use words that describe what the web page is set however avoid keyword stuffing

Examples of horrific url systems

Http://www.mydomain.Com/united kingdom/123213/5005.Html

Examples of exact url structures


Breadcrumb :

Ensure which you have a breadcrumb on all your inner pages. A breadcrumb is a set of hyperlinks on the top of the page that useful resource navigation.  In case you are the use of WordPress there are numerous unfastened plugins to create a breadcrumb

Inner link:

While we speak about inner links we mean hyperlinks in a web page that point to other pages inside the internet site, No longer outside hyperlinks.

 when you click on the link with anchor “boom the intensity” you'll be redirected to a page with-within the internet site to discover greater data on the way to boom the depth of an workout

Internal linking is a totally important element for internet site search engine optimization but nevertheless many web site owners are not using it efficiently. The regulations to observe for inner hyperlinks are simple:

  • Link related articles together both via using key-word anchor text or through the usage of the full article identify.
  • Ensure that the links are useful each for the person and easy to apprehend via search engines like google and yahoo.
  • Don’t make links for SERP handiest. An internal link have to assist the user navigate the web site higher.
  • Do not use phrases like ‘click here’ or ‘[..]’ for internal linking.
  • Don’t overdo it. Some internal hyperlinks in step with web page are sufficient (create more if really necessary)
It’s now not an clean assignment to do particularly when you have a variety of posts however it’s a very valuable tool for on-website online search engine optimization.

Text formation and use of h1 and h2 and h3 heading:

Don’t just post text in your website with out first doing a little primary formatting. This isn't precise for the consumer enjoy and works against your seo efforts.

Popular guidelines for formatting a post or web page to your internet site:

  • Use H1 tags for the title of your put up
  • Use H2 tags for the primary headings of your publish.
  • Use formidable and Italics to attract users interest
  • Don’t use H2 tags for all your headings
  • Write small paragraphs
  • Use a font length that is simple to examine
While formatting your posts continually have in mind the consumer experience. Can the person become aware of the main sections of your post (H2 tags) just by means of looking on the web page? Is the textual content easy to examine on all devices (smartphones, Apple Ipads, Android capsules etc.

404 web page mistakes:

Search engine optimization is set improving the user experience and a right 404 page contributes to that goal.The 404 web page is the page proven when a person is looking for a web page to your website that doesn’t exist or mistypes a URL or follows a broken hyperlink. While the 404 page isn't configured, it looks like this.This isn't always beneficial for the person and negatively influences the user revel in.

A nicely configured 404 web page have to:
  • Give a few information to the person of what took place rather than showing “no longer observed”
  • Have a layout constant with the rest of the internet site
  • Give alternatives to the user to navigate to different pages of the site.
  • This is how my 404 page seems like:
  • Custom 404 web page

photo optimization:

Snap shots are vital to decorate the user experience however care must be taken no longer to create other side consequences like troubles with web page load speed or sluggish reaction.
If you decided to apply snap shots then thoughts the subsequent:

Use Alt textual content to explain the photo. You may add keywords however don’t overdo it.
Use key phrases in picture filenames (separated with dashes). Keep away from the usage of filenames like image1. Jpg or person1. Jpg. Instead use significant names with dashes.The smaller the size of the photo (in KB) the faster your website will load.

Web page speed of website

Google mentioned regularly that page speed is a rating component and yet many site owners don’t optimize their web web sites for pace. Their aim (Google’s) is to provide the searcher with the maximum correct outcomes inside the fastest possible manner.
It is sure that web page speed (as a ranking element) will benefit more significance in the subsequent couple of years.
Rapid net sites improve the user enjoy and it is a factor to inspire the vacationer to come back again. In addition,

A website that hundreds in less than four seconds is much more likely to:
  • Rank higher in seek effects
  • Get greater page visits in step with user
  • Get extra conversions
  • A way to growth your page pace:
  • Get rid of any unnecessary plug-ins (in case you are the use of WordPress) or java script out of your pages.
  • Optimize the scale of your snap shots.
  • Use a caching service or plug-in (We use WP exquisite cache and W3Total Cache).

Hyperlink constructing strategies:

  • Always use natural manner for link building Post terrific content in your internet site to be able to evidently entice links.
  • Placed your content material in the front of different site owners / bloggers which could potentially link in your internet site (Facebook and other social media channels are outstanding advertising gear for this motive)
  • Link to different web sites and reach out to site owners informing them which you introduced a link to their websites. If they prefer your website, they may return the favor.
  • Put up content on other websites and add hyperlinks pointing to your pages (that is additionally called visitor posting.
  • Make connections with different webmasters and allow them to know about your internet site (twitter and electronic mail are exquisite gear to built connections with other people)
  • Try and get hyperlinks from excessive exceptional web sites most effective
  • Get hyperlinks from web sites associated with your niche and no longer any sort of website
  • Constructed your link profile steadily (any sudden adjustments to the wide variety of incoming links may also improve a few warnings indicators in the ranking algorithm)
  • Make certain you recognize the difference among a ‘observe’ and ‘no-follow‘ hyperlink
Avoid these:
  • Don’t buy links (keep away from any sort of hyperlink constructing packages)
  • Don’t do any form of huge link constructing
  • Don’t upload your hyperlink in low nice web sites

Mobile friendly website:

A massive variety of searches carried out every day are via mobile gadgets. Many research over the past 6 months diagnosed that the number of searches using smartphones is step by step increasing specially when it comes.

First issue to do is recognize the difference between a cellular pleasant net website and a local Android, iPhone or windows mobile app. After speak me with a number of webmasters I realized that many humans fail with their cell method because they do not understand this difference and because they have not yet realized the substantial capability of cellular markets.

The first-rate way to technique cellular seo is to undertake a responsive website design. There are many blessings both in terms of seo and value.

User Sitemap for web sites:

Types of sitemaps:
  • Consumer HTML Sitemap instance
  • User HTML Sitemap example

A sitemap is a listing of all posts/pages of your website.  You need 2 types of sitemaps. First an XML sitemap to put up to Google, Bing and different serps and second an HTML sitemap to help traffic locate your content easier.

  • It is advocated to vicinity a hyperlink on your user sitemap from the primary menu.
  • XML Sitemap (for search engines like google and yahoo)
  • Relying in your blogging platform you could use plugins to create and replace your net site’s sitemap
  • When considered in the browser it looks like this

 Content material Should be natural:

So as for the above recommendations to paintings you want first and important to have appropriate content in your internet web page.

Content material is still king and a web website online with proper, authentic, quality content can do higher in the long run (without or with search engine optimization) than an internet website online optimized in seo but with now not  so suitable content.

What is good content?

While people seek on Google, Yahoo or Bing they're basically looking for answer to a question. Excellent content material is put up or web page that solutions this query.

Canonical URLS:

Canonical URLS are very vital for search engine optimization. Putting a canonical URL for all of your pages is a notable manner to:
  •  Avoid duplicate content material problems
  • Consolidate hyperlinks to a particular web page (that is useful for e-commerce websites or websites with dynamic URLS with parameters).
  • Tell Google the authentic publisher of a piece of writing if you syndicate your content material in other web sites

How to make seo friendly posts in blogger ?

Enhancing your blog entries with the goal that they can accomplish higher web index rankings is one of the hardest yet a straightforward errand.

On the off chance that you comprehend what you are doing, at that point you can rank your post by doing just on-page SEO enhancement.

You may definitely think about the different techniques to produce back-links like visitor blogging and blog remarking or blogger outreach.

These are on the whole off-page SEO systems, and they encourage a considerable measure however in the event that you are producing incredible substance, at that point you won't confront any issues in positioning your post with no back-links.

In the present article, we will perceive how you can compose SEO benevolent blog entries.

There may be a few procedures you definitely know, yet I can guarantee you that in the wake of perusing this post, you will most likely gain some new useful knowledge.

How to seo post in blogger,blogger seo in 2018

Thinks you must consider for post optimization.

  • Regardless of the amount you advance your posts, if the substance is useless, you won't have the capacity to see it positioning in web crawlers.So before you do anything, you should ensure that you have a wonderful subject for your article and stunning material and assets that you can add to help your focuses. When you have these things, composing the best substance won't be an issue. 
  • Second thing you have to remember is that the more drawn out the post, the better opportunity to rank the post in web crawlers so just focus On the off chance that you don't concur with this reality, at that point you simply need to visit Google and sort in an inquiry question and experience the initial 10 results. Every single one of them will contain in excess of 1500 words. On the off chance that you compose in any tech related or versatile related questions, you will get results that have 500 words or less yet those themes won't bring you activity for long.

  • Compose Post naturally: 
  • Tittle post:
  • Meta Description: 
  • Pictures: 
  • Interior Links: 
  • Outgoing Links: 

Steps to optimize your post:

Compose Post naturally: 

When you compose without contemplating including catchphrases, SEO, the watchword thickness and all that stuff, you will wind up creating the most ideal substance. Since you are composing normally and it will come up as, you are conversing with your users. 

However, before that, there is one thing that you ought to do. 

You should comprehend what your objective watchword is, and you should concoct no less than 15-20 LSI catchphrases (more about it later). When you have done it, endeavor to remember those LSI watchwords and after that you begin composing your article.
When writing an extended post, you'll have to be compelled to break it down into sub-categories for the comfort of your readers. You don’t need them to induce bored whereas reading your post.

Tittle post:

To separate your substance, you can utilize title labels in your article. The different title labels are: 

<h1> … </h1> - Heading 1 

<h2> … </h2> - Heading 2 

<h3> … </h3> - Heading 3 

So also up to Heading 6! 

The H1 tag will be taken for your post title, so on the off chance that you don't utilize it in your article content, there won't be an issue. I have seen a few bloggers utilize H1 tag again inside the article, however I wouldn't suggest something else. Y

You can utilize different labels – H2, H3 and H4 in your substance however for the most part you won't utilize H5 and H6 in your article in light of the fact that those are relatively less helpful than the initial ones. 

When utilizing the title labels, you should utilize them in diving request which implies that you should first utilize H2 tag before H3 tag et cetera.

Regardless of whether you utilize H3 tag before H2, it won't represent any significant issue, yet for what reason to take the risk. What's more, since H2 is more intense than H3, you should keep it before different labels to get the most extreme advantage. 

The following thing is that you should include your objective catchphrase in any event once in your title labels. It ought to be available in your article title, which is the H1 tag and furthermore in H2 and H3 labels. 

On the off chance that you are utilizing different H2 and H3 labels, at that point you can utilize LSI watchwords for them to stay away from over-improving your articles. 
The meta depiction is the little portrayal that shows up beneath your article title in web indexes and assume an imperative part in web index positioning. 

Since we are hoping to upgrade blog entries for better internet searcher rankings, we won't evade meta depiction at any cost. 

Meta Description: 

When you are including the meta portrayal, you ought to be inventive in light of the fact that you need to make it important and in the meantime include an objective watchword and a related catchphrase in only 150 characters or less.

On the off chance that you are composing a post with 2000 words and not adding a solitary picture to it, at that point you are simply enabling your users to get exhausted and leave your site. We don't need that, correct? 


Furthermore, pictures are valuable to keep your users snared as well as they help a considerable measure in the SEO score of your article. 

At whatever point you are transferring a picture to your post, ensure that and so on legitimately before transferring it. I would keep the name of my picture like this – "how-to-begin a-blog.jpg" instead of something like this "blog123.jpg". What's more, on the off chance that you are transferring different pictures at that point utilize related catchphrases to name them. 

Next you need to ensure that you include a watchword rich ALT tag to your pictures. The reason you should utilize ALT labels is that web index bots can't see pictures, thus they search for ALT labels in your article, and if it's present then they will realize that a picture is available. 

Since we have utilized a catchphrase rich title for our picture, we can simply utilize that for our ALT tag also. 

Name of the picture – "how-to-begin a-blog.jpg" 

ALT tag – "how to begin a blog." 

What's more, on the off chance that you don't know how to include ALT label at that point here's the means by which you can do it. 

In your Media uploader, when you select a picture you will see a few alternatives on the correct side. There you will see a possibility for "ALT content." There simply include your ALT tag and add it to your post. 

The second method to do it is to go to the HTML segment in your post editorial manager and go to the code for your picture. It will be something like this. 

<img scr= a-blog.jpg" height="xx" width="xx" alt="how to begin a blog"> 

Include the ALT tag as above toward the finish of the code inside the section.

Interior Links: 

When you compose any article on your blog, you should make it a propensity for adding a connection or two to your current articles. This won't just help in enhancing the SEO score of your blog yet in addition will enable the crawlers to creep every one of the articles on your webpage. 

Yet, there is one thing that you have to ensure while including an inner connection. 

Simply don't add any connect to your article since you need to. Include a connection just when vital. On the off chance that you are composing an article on the most proficient method to expand movement at that point adding a connection to another article with respect to expanding activity or related theme like decreasing ricochet rate is alright yet including a connection how to introduce a blog in your rush hour gridlock post is simply not important. 

When you are composing an article that contains in excess of 2500 words, you will make a few focuses. In the event that you have done your exploration and you thought of each one of those focuses and actualities all alone, at that point that is amazing, however in the event that you utilized an article on some other blog, at that point you should say it as an asset in the post. 

This will do you a great deal of good than you anticipate. Your users will begin to love your articles since they will comprehend that you need to give them as well as can be expected by giving the connections to assets and more data. 

Will your users welcome it, as well as alternate bloggers will likewise value it since you are sharing their connections so they will without a doubt respond the motion by saying you in their up and coming post or sharing your articles via web-based networking media destinations.

Godaddy vs Bigrock which one cheaper for domain and hosting?

Go-daddy is USA base and world largest Web hosting domain name provider and there headquarters in USA scottsdale arizona and the company is almost 21 year old and most trusted brand all over the world with 17 millions customers and over 6000 employees are working with go daddy.

Go-daddy provides the following services:

  • Domain registration 
  • Email hosting W
  • Web hosting 
  • WordPress hosting 
  • Digital and ssl certificate 
  • Website builder services
  • WordPress website 
  • Website search engine optimization services. 
  • Website search engine submission

bigrock vs go daddy domain which one is better

Godaddy is far more better than bigrock compare to plans with godaddy coupon code and new offer are available for every new registration and you can get cheap domain name, WordPress and Linux hosting for only 600 rs per month go daddy. But keep mind plans are are applicable by cities and country.on the other hand there customer service is good in comparison  of bigrock which have only services in India. Whenever your website is down there team is so helpful in problem solving with your domain name and hosting and errors and any queries you have with domain. 

Big rock is an Indian brand with domain registration and Web hosting  provider in India and internationally, the company not big as godaddy and number of employees are less than godaddy and and in India bigrock is a top domain and hosting provider big rock rates are more cheaper than compare to godaddy you can get your website domain name with only 500 Indian rs but for hosting you need to purchase 1 month, 3 months 6 months hosting and 1 year hosting plans. Rates of hosting 10-15$ a month for WordPress hosting, Windows and Linux hosting and if you are new to bigrock you will get discount on both 
domain and one month hosting plans.

Big rock provide the same services as go daddy.

  • Domain name registration
  • Site lock certificates
  • Emails hosting
  • WordPress hosting
  •  WordPress websites
  • 3-Commerce solution websites
  • Website builder
  •  Search engine seo services

Moreover both the companies are Icann accredited and (Internet corporation of assigned names and numbers) the only difference between both godaddy is USA based worldwide domain name provider on the other hand bigrock focus on small businesses and professional and individuals. 

How a new blogger can attract more site visitor to there blogs?

If you are new blogger and and struggle to get traffic to your website and blog,the reason is simple a new blog can take up to six months to get traffic start to your blog, Google like the blogs which have slow and steady traffic and boost there ranking slowly, there are lot of ways to get higher on ranking with the help on page seo and off page seo, both search engine optimization techniques help to get boost your ranking on Google.

how to generate traffic to your blog and blogger seo settings

On the other hand google index only web pages that have quality content and plagiarism free content, never copy the other website content it will negatively effect the ranking of your website and make your website with Google penalty or  decrease your website ranking in search engine. Moreover the main website traffic strategy is hidden in your content writing how well you write your content and which keywords you use for high ranking and tittle of the website post.

Now we will come to the main topic to how you can increase your blog traffic in 10 simple steps:

Domain name

Choose the unique domain name for your website because your domain name shows the website value and brand name of your blog, the reason is simple if you choose the unique domain name it will help google to understand your website and boost your ranking on search engine make sure you use best keyword and related topic domain name for example if you have health and fitness domain use keywords health, fitness and sports and exercise and if you have tech blog use technology and Internet blog keywords. It will tell search engine what is your blog is about. Whenever you purchase a domain use seo friendly keywords name in your domain which give best results.

Tittle of the post

Tittle is the most important thing for  any blog your tittle should be unique and consist of main keywords which describe what the tittle is about. Use h1 heading for the tittle and for content use h2 headings and h3 heading for best results in search like h1 heading word-press users use only h1 heading and bloggers users use h2 heading because blogger don't have the option to use h1 heading got post, this is the reason the best blogging platform to start blog is word press because of easy to go feature and best seo techniques to increase any website ranking.

Use relevant keyword for blog  posts:

I have seen lot of people done this mistake do not use relevant keywords in there posts and if your talk about seo post you must use relevant topics keywords and that people searching for and target short trail and long train keywords and with combination of  high and low competition keywords. Moreover do not use same keywords so many times in your posts and  do not use keywords stuffing for seo it will effect your blog ranking.

Submit your website to search engines:

When you started your new blog your first target is to submit your website to top search engine like Google yahoo and yandex and bing to get some traffic, well there lot of website submission website such as,, and are few which help to index your website in search engine my favorite is because it will submit your website 776 search engine and top directories.

Image optimization and seo

Most of the new blogger do not focus on images on blogs, even some are published there post without a image. Do you know search engines like Google bing are not like blogs who don't have any images with articles. Images are the back one of any websites they shows the topics and attract more visitors to your website, next time when you publish your article put some images and use  alt text and image tittle for search engine optimization of blogs.

Publish post on daily basis:

Google like blogs and website who publish article on daily basis and update there website regularly. If you post quality post and articles which are relevant to your website and if you choose good topics which are unique and different, it will definitely help your website to boost quality traffic and top  ranking on google.

Responsive blog themes:

The most important factor which theme you are using for your blog to generate traffic and whether your theme is simple and mobile friendly or not. Search engine like mobile friendly website and which are easy to operate on mobile phones like apple and android and i-pad so make sure you choose only responsive mobile seo theme so that your audience can easy to read your blog content on mobile phones and other devices.

Mobile accelerated pages:

When you visit a website and it will take more time to load on your mobile phone and got error or website not open the pages properly,this will results your website traffic is decrease because of slow loading blog pages,well not everyone is using high speed internet connection, most of the people in India have slow Internet connection, website which are using amp post are fast loading with slow connection and this help to increase the blog traffic. Use amp accelerated mobile pages to boost your website traffic with slow Internet connection and increase the website loading time under 5 seconds only.

Article with at least 1000-2000 words:

Most of the top levels of website blogs have article more than 1000 words with proper h1 and h2 and h3 heading and more content on there website. You must have at least 30 posts before submitting your website to index on search engine. Website with more content have 100 percent chance to index on Google and bing. Next time you have write any article for your blogs it must have 1500-2000 words with proper seo keywords and unique tittle for boost blog ranking.

Content is the king of blog:

For seo of blog whatever is your strategy to drive traffic on your blog, at last your content is the most important part of any website,because if the audience do not like your post and articles and leave your website it will effect the ranking of any blog. Focus on the your content writing skills or hire a content writer for your blog to write unique content on relevant topics for you.

Than you for reading the article Follow us for more articles on seo and blogging. For more article please visit our blog supportfromvikas

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Bitcoin Gold to be delisted by way of Bittrex over $18M hack

Bitcoin spin off Bitcoin Gold is in a part of trouble after main U.S. trade Bittrex . introduced that it could delisted the cryptocurrency beginning Sept. 14 following a may attack on the Bitcoin Gold blockchain.

Cryptocurrencies come and go on a daily groundwork and barely make headlines, however Bitcoin Gold’s present drama is a different case since it includes a form of assault that resulted in enormous losses and a subsequent dispute that result in this point.

Bitcoin Gold ((cryptocurrency) to be delisted by way of Bittrex over $18M hack

Bitcoin Gold itself was a tough fork of typical bitcoin launched in October final 12 months that promised to “make bitcoin decentralized once more.” a tough fork in cryptocurrencies is where a person or neighborhood takes the blockchain on one cryptocurrency in this case bitcoin and creates its personal with code adaptations or regressions.

in the case of most complicated forks, the holders of the usual forex obtain credit within the new forked cryptocurrency. That ability that the place exchanges supported it, users obtained the equivalent amount in Bitcoin Gold, giving the cryptocurrency an instantaneous user irascible.

fast ahead to may additionally, and people unknown centered Bitcoin Gold with a fifty one percent attack, an assault where an organization or individuals can control the vast majority of a given crypto’s community mining power, or hash rate. Having carried out a 51 p.c share, the attacker can then manipulate the blockchain ledger on which transactions are recorded, together with sending the equal digital coins greater than as soon as. That’s precisely what took place in may additionally.

in keeping with a document from the time, those behind the assault have been in a position to grasp $18 million in Bitcoin Gold through “double spends” — it's, sending the equal digital cash twice thanks to their fifty one percent handle of the hash rate — enabling them to determine the double transaction.

That assault is the middle of the dispute between Bittrex and Bitcoin Gold today. Bittrex is searching for compensation, said to be greater than 12."000 BTG $265."000, for its losses in return for continuing to checklist BTG, whereas Bitcoin Gold referred to it holds no legal responsibility.

In a press release Saturday, Bitcoin Gold contradicted itself, announcing both that “the assaults on exchanges in may have been now not the influence of any fault or flaw within the BTG blockchain or code…. The attackers undergo accountability for his or her assaults.” It additionally stated that “the Bitcoin Gold crew is not answerable for safety coverage inside private entities like Bitrex sic; people that earn revenue working a private company have to manage the related dangers and are finally accountable for his or her own security.”

Bittrex isn't the biggest change aiding Bitcoin Gold transactions but it surely is a big one.

The problem for Bitcoin Gold, apart from its muddled, semiliterate messaging, is one of trust and notion. That a significant change would withdraw guide is an indication to the market that each one isn't well with Bitcoin Gold no remember how a lot those at the back of it say otherwise.

Liquidity is vital to the success of any cryptocurrency, and that liquidity includes extensive change assist. If one trade pulls help for Bitcoin Gold, might different exchanges comply with? That’s the question merchants protecting Bitcoin Gold should be asking, on account that fewer exchanges mean fewer patrons and therefore lower expenses because of lower demand.

BSNL Launches New Broadband plans with 99 Rs Daily Data to take on Jio GigaFiber

To check Jio's dispatch of GigaFiber administrations, BSNL has propelled four new broadband plans with a day by day confine on information. These new plans don't fall under the telco's Fiber-to-the-Home range. With a most extreme of 600GB information on offer, a client can look over any of the four new broadband plans from BSNL beginning from Rs.99 before moving upwards to Rs.199, at that point Rs.299, lastly for Rs.399.

BSNL Launches New Broadband with 99 Rs Daily Data  to take on Jio GigaFiber

New Broadband Plans 

BSNL has as of late propelled four new broadband arrangement beginning from Rs.99 and afterward progressively at Rs.199, Rs.299, and closure at Rs.399, which present to 600GB information for each month. Every one of the plans are offered a reliable speed of 20Mbps which drops down to 1Mbps when as far as possible is crossed. The Rs.99 plan conveys less advantages than its as of late propelled partners while the Rs.399 plan offers the greatest advantage of all while giving most astounding FUP restrain every month. 

Like previously, the new broadband plans additionally offer boundless calls. Likewise, the new broadband plans have been presented by BSNL skillet India and can be selected by any individual who fall under BSNL's operational circles, with the deviation of Andaman and Nicobar islands. The point to note is that the four new plans are special offers and not lasting plans. That implies it'll lapse inside 90 long stretches of its presentation by BSNL. 

BSNL Rs.99, 45GB BBG Combo ULD Plan 

Out of the four new plans, this is the most reasonable arrangement of all. At Rs.99, this broadband arrangement offers its supporter 1.5GB of information with a FUP point of confinement of 20 Mbps. The speed will drop to 1Mbps once the given FUP restrain terminates. 

BSNL Rs.199, 150GB BBG Combo ULD Plan 

For Rs.199, the client gets an aggregate information of 150GB with a day by day top at 5GB of information, a FUP cutoff of 20 Mbps with 1 Mbps speed after the fulfillment of as far as possible. 

BSNL Rs.299, 300 GB and Rs.399 600GB BBG Combo ULD Plan 

For an every month lease of Rs.299 and Rs.399 separately, BSNL offers its clients 300GB and 600GB of information, limited at 10GB and 20GB every day at a speed of 20MBps. Once as far as possible is totally spent, the client can in any case get to the web at a speed of 1Mbps preceding the first speed is reestablished at 12AM consistently, till the legitimacy of the arrangement. 

Additional Shots 

The 20Mbps FUP confine is pertinent to every day information utilization and at the lessened speed of 1Mbps, after the finishing of the 20Mbps of speed, there is no limitation on downloads. Alongside this, BSNL is likewise offering 1GB of capacity and an email ID. The four new plans by BSNL have been presented by the state-possessed telco as a limited time technique with a legitimacy of 90 days. The legitimacy can be broadened just if there is an appeal for the arrangement 

Likewise, these plans are focusing on new supporters consequently existing clients of BSNL broadband can't profit these plans. To buy in to any of the four new plans, the client should pay a store charge of Rs.500. Following a half year in the arrangement, the client will be mightily moved to another broadband arrangement. Exchanges will be held for the same around then.

Reliance Jio GigaFiber broadband plans has already commenced registrations.

Reliance Jio GigaFiber broadband has already commenced registrations. The method began on August 15. Reliance Industries' chairman Mukesh Ambani at its forty first annual general assembly had announced the release of the fixed-line broadband carrier Jio GigaFiber. GigaFiber changed into previously called Jio Fiber. For the duration of his cope with, Chairman Mukesh Ambani informed that Jio's broadband offerings would be made available in 1,a hundred cities in India.
 Jio GigaFiber will include GigaFiber router in conjunction with the Jio GigaTV set-top field. Mukesh Ambani also informed that the set-top box will permit customers to make video calls to other GigaTV devices or cell connections on any community within the USA.

Jio giga fiber broadband plans and registration and jio giga fiber price

Jio GigaFiber is anticipated to disrupt the broadband market through presenting the provider at 50% charge of those supplied by using competition. Currently, above a hundred GB of broadband statistics % at 100 Mbps speed velocity is offered with the aid of cable operators for Rs 700-one thousand in keeping with month. They also fee an addition Rs 250-300 for television offerings. 

At gift, JioGiga Fiber preview provide is stay for consumers. The preview offer includes "extremely excessive-pace internet up to 100Mbps for ninety days in conjunction with a monthly facts quota of one hundred GB and a complimentary get entry to to a number of Jio's top rate apps." If a consumer consumes 100 GB of data within a month, he/she can hold to experience the excessive-speed net offerings via getting a complimentary statistics top-up of 40GB thru MyJio App or via Jio.Com. There aren't any set up costs levied on the preview offer. 

Moreover a refundable security fees of Rs 5000 is taken for the ONT device (GigaHub home Gateway) is important to be paid thru Debit card, credit score Card, Jio cash or Paytm Professional Reliance Jio internet site says, "JioGigaFiber beats the rest because of its ultra speedy upload and down load speeds & effective functioning in simply 'milli seconds.

Why do I have to pay a protection deposit for JioGigaFiber offerings?
Nonetheless, a refundable security store of Rs 5000 is taken for the ONT gadget, 
(GigaHub domestic Gateway) provided with the aid of Jio.

Right here are information of Jio GigaFiber plans:

Rs 500 plan
On this plan, the GigaFibre might offer 300GB of records for one month at download pace of 50 Mbps. The information limit might be a part of enterprise’s honest usage coverage (FUP).

Rs 750 plan
On this plan, the GigaFiber would offer 450GB of information for one month at a download speed of 50Mbps.

Rs 999 plan
On this plan, the GigaFiber would offer 600GB of information for one month at a down load velocity of 100Mbps.

Rs 1,299 plan
In this plan, the GigaFiber could provide 750GB of information for one month at a download pace of 100Mbps.

Rs 1,500 plan

Within the most luxurious GigaFiber plan, the enterprise might provide 900GB of records for one month at a download pace of 150Mbps.
It's miles expected that Jio might begin services in the ones locations from in which it gets the most registrations. Jio Giga Fiber will roll out in India, with the promise of expanding to 1,100 towns. The fixed-line broadband provider is expected to provide net velocity of up to 1Gbps.

The deposit might be refunded if you pick out to stop the use of the JioGigaFiber services, supplied the installed devices are lower back in proper and operating circumstance.